We are family of experienced comic actors that packs a BIG PUNCH, dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to your event!!!

Our troupe came together after working with St Ambrose Acting Group and street gigging at Renaissance Faires in Northern California. We found that faires we attended were missing a group that made Shakespeare fun and accessible for families. In the winter of 2015, we decided to evolve take the leap to become a full-fledged performance troupe. Our company has worked San Jose Fantasy Faire, Cameron Park Tudor Fayre, San Jose Renaissance Faire, Old Sacramento’s Gold Rush Days, Valhalla Renaissance Faire, Central Coast Faire, as well as many other indoor and outdoor theatrical venues throughout Northern California.

Our current show asks the question, “Was Shakespeare a pirate?”

We cut to the chase and showcase some of Shakespeare’s great characters while proving without a doubt that Master William Shakespeare was indeed a pirate! Sticking to the comedy of course. Our show is packed with audience participation that will have you cheering for more. We share the fun side of Shakespeare for young and old alike.

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