We’re Directing!!!!!

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Some of Shakespeare’s most beloved comic characters come together in his bawdy, riotous romp, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Our tale unfolds in the sleepy hamlet of Windsor Park, Georgia, preceding their annual “Order of the Garter” golf tournament. Here beloved Shakespearean bon vivant Sir John Falstaff enters the scene. Having fallen into a state of near-poverty and looking to climb back up the social ladder, Falstaff hatches a laughably convoluted plan to woo two wealthy local wives, Mistress Page and Mistress Ford, simultaneously. Upon discovering his ruse, the two “merry wives” concoct a plan of their own to punish Falstaff for his trickery and hubris. The ensuing whirlwind of mistaken identity, romantic deceit, and emotional and physical duels churns out high comedy with a distinct Shakespearean flair.

Directors Lauren and Matt Coats have chosen to transplant Shakespeare’s story from the 16th century to 1930’s Georgia, USA, creating a fresh context for the well- known comic business. While Shakespeare buffs will feel at home among the period details, uninitiated audience members will also relate to Falstaff’s troubles and the hilarious antics that ensue. Tee up for an evening of laughter with The Merry Wives of Windsor!



For more information go to ActingCompany.org

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